Anywhere Banking

Anywhere Banking

Open an account in one branch and operate it from any of our branches. The facility also offers you the convenience of Centralized clearing and quick collection of cheques.

Other Features

Cash Remittance

Your business associates and partners can remit money to your account through any of our branches instantly. The facility is extended to Saving, Current, Loan and overdraft accounts.

Cash Withdrawal

You can withdraw cash up to stipulated limits from your account from any of our branches. Third Party payments are not permitted from any of the branches.

Fund Transfer

You can transfer funds from one account to another with same or any other branches.

Balance/ Passbook Enquiry

Know the balance in your account from any of our branches.
Check details of transactions and get your passbook printed from any of our branches.

Deposit of Local Cheques

An account holder can deposit cheques for local clearing in any of our branches.

Repayment of Loan Accounts

Instalments paid into loan accounts can be deposited in any branch by verifying the correct Loan A/c No.

Purchase of Demand Drafts/Pay Orders

Demand Drafts and Pay Orders can be purchased at any of our branches.


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