Loans for Business

Loans for Business


For starting a new business or for existing business/expansion/diversification

Term Loan for purchase of shop/office premises, furnishing, machinery equipment, vehicles any other moveable assets.

Working Capital limits

1. Cash Credit limit

2. Pledge limit

3. Trust limit

4. Bills Purchased/book-debts limit,

5. Letters of Credit,

6. Bank Guarantees


1. Member of the Bank

2. For new Business:  Project report, Establishment license/Registration Certificate

3. For existing business: Financial Statements for the last 3 years


For Term Loan : Hypothecation of moveable asset or mortgage of immoveable asset.

For Cash Credit : Hypothecation of Stocks

Collateral Security :  Will be required depending on case to case basis.


Term Loan:  Maximum of 5 to 7 years depending upon the nature of business/project (case to case basis)

Cash Credit: 12 months and renewable thereafter


Minimum of 30%

Maximum Limit:

As per the requirement to be assessed by the Bank and within the exposure limits 

fixed by RBI from time to time.

Rate of Interest

Term Loans :                     13.5% to 14.5% p.a. at monthly rests

Cash Credit :                      9% to 13.5  p.a. at monthly rests depending upon Risk Rating &    CIBIL Score

Working Capital Loans :       14%   to  15%   p.a. at monthly rests

Concession in rate of interest shall be extended on the specific request from the borrower selectively on case to case basis purely on merits of each case having due regard to the risk perception, loyalty, integrity in respect of each of such borrowal account and spin off benefits expected to be derived.

For further details about the scheme you may visit any of the Branches or call Branch Manager.


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