Consumer Loan

Consumer Loan


  • For purchase of Furniture, TV, Fridge and washing machine.
  • Other household articles


Salaried Employees/Businessmen, professionals having regular source of income


Loan maximum limit

Upto Rs. 5.00 lakhs


Hypothecation / Against Salary deduction from employer in prescribed form

Term of Repayment

Upto 5 years

Rate of Interest

Salaried earners upto R.s 5.00 Lakhs 

10% p.a at monthly rest when mandate from employer to deduct instalments

12% p.a at monthly rest when mandate from employer to deduct instalments is not given.


12% p.a at monthly rest for other than salaried 


For further details about the scheme you may visit any of the Branches or call Branch Manager.


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